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Susan's Story

After a decade of searching for answers through trial and error with antidepressants and anxiety medications, I embarked on a life-changing path of ketamine treatments. The impact was nothing short of extraordinary. 

During the infusion, I experienced a profound calm that enveloped my being. It was a moment of revelation, the first time I truly felt immediate relief wash over me. It didn't stop there. The days turned into weeks, and now, even monthly, I continue to experience relief. 

Luna, my sanctuary, my safe space. This extraordinary haven has become a cherished part of my journey. Here, within the warm embrace of their expert care, I have found solace and hope. With the guidance and support of Luna in collaboration with my psychiatrist and therapist, I have been able to transition off both medications that once held me captive. I am no longer bound by their limitations. Now, I eagerly look forward to my personal growth, unencumbered by the shackles of anxiety and depression. 

Ketamine Therapy has given me the courage to break through barriers, empowering me to embrace a life of confidence and freedom. The encouragement Kathleen provides is immeasurable, nurturing my spirit and fostering a sense of liberation I never thought possible. Break free from the constraints of medications and experience the incredible potential of ketamine infusion therapy. Your future is waiting, full of possibilities. Embrace it with Luna.

For more information about what Luna offers including an overview of treatment, risks of treatment, and cost, please Contact Us.

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"It was a moment of revelation, the first time I truly felt immediate relief wash over me."
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