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Moon Phases

Lisa's Story

This is my third visit in a series of six scheduled infusion treatments. The room is darkened and Zen music plays as the fairy lights begin to sparkle on the ceiling. I choose a coral colored aragonite stone as a meditation companion from the small tray next to my chair. I snuggle back into the recliner with pillows and a soft mushroom themed blanket. Kathleen seamlessly starts the IV infusion and reassures me that she will be checking on me every 15 minutes, and as agreed, she will touch my arm and let me know when I am half way through the 45 minute infusion. Five minutes later I have arrived at my brain’s port of call.


I am a welcome visitor on the journey. This is interior life. The life of the brain. I’ve been here before. It’s a ride with colorful walls. I know there are mysteries around hidden corners. I am curious and unafraid. 


Billowing to a birds-eye view, it feels natural to have the perspective of a bird hovering in flight, taking in the beauty of the vista. I acknowledge death. Understanding that death is a similar bird-like view, and a lifting away. 


My hand reaches from the ocean for the reassuring rocky shore. I am now strong enough to survive the swim. Important because I drowned as a toddler. My mother heard a still small voice telling her I was in danger as she was doing dishes at the window. She remembers feeling grateful she had been on the dive team and had learned to life guard as she dove into the deep end of the apartment complex pool to retrieve and then revive my lifeless body. 


I see a viscous bubble surrounding people as they walk through the world. Translucent biomes of spirit visualized as air/water/sustenance, surrounding the head. I look at each one and wonder if they are a struggling or thriving organism? Some individuals have ink-like pollution in their biome. I feel my judgement removed and replaced with compassion and understanding. I realize as I look at the unhappy person, that he is just a damaged organism trying to survive and he is struggling. I see that mindlessly pushing against pain and discomfort creates scarring and blockages. We are porous and flagella-like in spirit. I see the importance of choosing healthy survival strategies so that we do not harm ourselves or others. We are effected by and affect our environment more than we realize. There is a need for vigilance in what we eat and drink, and in the music, voices, and energy that surround us.


I am melting. Child mind. Infant sensitivity. I am winding my way through shifting scenes and archetypes. Design, movies, art, and music, are guides to and a reflection of the interior mind. 

I see the transcendent power of creating something with love and intention. 


I feel a sense of unity and vibration with the natural world, a snake turning its head toward sound and sun. Gentle streams of pink and purple light play across the ceiling as my third Ketamine journey ends.

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Third Eye with Geometric Shapes
"I am melting. Child mind. Infant sensitivity. I am winding my way through shifting scenes and archetypes."
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