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Dan's Story

I tried ketamine infusions because I have had depression since I was 16 years old. I’ve been on a nonstop search for medicines and treatments to let me have a normal life, but after over 35 years I was still looking for the medicine and or treatment that worked. Several rounds of shock treatments, most every combination of medicines, and the care of a doctor just didn’t work. I gave up for 6 of the last 6 years and just stayed in bed. Someone in my family set up the infusions and I reluctantly agreed to go. 

I received 6 infusions over 4 weeks. I didn’t feel that nervous going in for the first infusion because I didn’t have much hope to feel good again. Kathleen was extremely comforting and welcoming, and made me feel relaxed. The facilities were inviting and soothing. 

The first infusion was one of the best experiences of my life. I wore a sleeping eye mask and she played soothing music as I went into a state of bliss, felt 50 lbs lighter, was taken away from my depression instantly. I hadn’t felt that free since I was 8 years old riding my bicycle. The dissociative state was so welcomed. The infusion was 45 min and I wanted it to last longer. She was there when I came out welcoming me back! 

After one treatment I felt great, but the long term benefits were what I was skeptical about. The other infusions also worked and I started taking showers again, walking again, and wanting to be around people again. These effects are still working after 3 months. I can’t speak as for how long the infusions will last, but I’m determined to get back to her when I need a booster. 

If you have tried everything over the years and nothing seemed to help, do these infusions and feel better.

For more information about what Luna offers including an overview of treatment, risks of treatment, and cost, please Contact Us.

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"I tried ketamine infusions because I have had depression since I was 16 years old"
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